Below are projects that are currently under development. Projects on this page will frequently be updated to show any progress or changes to the development status. Click on the thumbnail to the right of the description to see images and plans of the project. Images will be updated as each project proceeds.
Jackson Square at San Marco
Jacksonville, Florida

Full acquisition and assembly services along with land planning and entitlement. Currently managing the site and the infrastructure development for pad ready for 750 apartments, 150,000 SF Retail Office.
Aqua Sol
AQUA SOL; Orlando, Florida
78 Acres on International Drive, Shovel Ready for income Mixed Use Development, Fully Entitled for 2,000 residential Units, multi-family density, 400,000 SF Retail Office
Aqua Sol
Morgan's Cove; St. Augustine, Florida
Entitlement Management and Site Development Analysis and Marketing for building packages for affordable homes. Internet Packaging. http//
Maiden Creek, Brunswick, Georgia
Entitlement and asset management for
multi-family development on Maiden
Creek. This community development
offers full waterfront access direct to
the Atlantic Ocean.
Maiden Creek